NHS Brick Project

NHS Lays Commemorative Bricks

By Brooke Stoll

            The Golden Plains National Honor Society sold personalized bricks last spring to raise money for the NHS and help bring the community together. The NHS members got together a few weekends of the year to take out the rocks in front of the gym and install the bricks.

            The bricks took the place of the rocks and the bush that was situated in front of the gym and the high school building. Each brick is personalized to what the buyer chose to put on the brick. Many people bought bricks for their class’ graduating year, memorial for a passed loved one, or even one supporting their family name. “I knew we needed to get rid of the old rocks and the bush because they could become a hazard,” said Superintendent Charles Keller, “so I thought that the bricks would be a very good idea to install.  I had seen them at a previous school and loved the idea of how they would help build pride within our school and improve the looks.  They also helped the NHS raise money for future expenses.”  

            Before the bricks came in, the NHS members gathered in Rexford on a couple of Saturday mornings to help gather all of the rocks from the lot and relocate the old bush. They had to level the ground and get it prepared for the bricks. The bricks didn’t arrive until late spring and the weather turned rainy before school was out so Mr. Steiner Scott, the NHS sponsor, put in a lot of work to install the bricks during the summer.

NHS members are continuing to sell the bricks throughout the school year to add to the printed ones in front of the school. If you are interested in buying a brick call Golden Plains High School at 785-687-3265.


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